class LMNTSpeech : MonoBehavior

This is the primary class you’ll interact with when using LMNT. You can acquire a reference to an instance of this class by calling GetComponent from your script.

IEnumerator Prefetch()

This coroutine allows you to prefetch the dialogue from the network. It is not necessary to call this coroutine, but doing so can reduce the perceived latency of the network call.

For example, you could call Prefetch inside the Start method:

public class MyScript : MonoBehaviour {
  private LMNTSpeech speech;

  void Start() {
    speech = GetComponent<LMNTSpeech>();

and call Talk (described below) at a later time, e.g. on a game event.

IEnumerator Talk()

This coroutine begins playback of the configured dialogue. Note that if Prefetch was not called prior to calling Talk, this coroutine will start a network request to get the dialogue.